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These stories were created by members of the Isle of Wight Stroke Club with the aim of sharing their experiences of life with stroke and within the care system. The Club is run by Stroke Survivors and provides aid for other Stroke Survivors and their Carers on the Isle of Wight. 

The Longest Night

Despite a layman’s interest in the brain and it’s workings, Bob is not prepared for the effects of a stroke and the threat to his concept of who he is. The Stroke Club helps his recovery and restores his sense of identity.


From the moment her younger sister was born, Carole has spent her life caring for others, despite suffering two strokes herself… much like Carole’s own resilience and concern for others, there has always been Julie, and there always will be.

Vicious Circles

Dave’s stroke leaves him exhausted and he has difficulties with walking and speaking. Nevertheless, he is left to his own devices to get well. Without knowing what help is available, it is difficult to know what support to ask for.

Dancing Feet

Joan is a born dancer. Her love of dance and music bring her joy throughout her long life until she has a stroke. At the age of 89, although she can’t dance any more, she still enjoys watching others and listening to the music.

Too Much Sun

When Margaret suffers a stroke while living in Spain , she is told she’s had too much sun… and that is just the first of a collection of mis-diagnoses. The correct diagnosis comes from an unexpected quarter and eventually she finds help, support and friendship at the Stroke Club.

The Most Wonderful Husband

As Phyl looks back on a long and extraordinarily happy marriage, she recalls the days before her husband’s stroke, before she had to make all the decisions, before the isolation imposed by her caring duties, before discovering the Stroke Club….

The Hidden Disability

Teresa was obese for most of her life until a catalogue of chronic illnesses induced her to have a gastric bypass which led to a stroke… despite coping with the unseen effects of the stroke, the newly-thin Teresa revealed herself to be up for almost any challenge, surprising her family and herself by her determination.